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Manmohan Kandwal, President Bar Association
Anil Kumar Sharma, Secretary Bar Association
Anil Kumar Sharma, Secretary Bar Association

For all those ,who don’t know me ..I’m Advocate Anil Kumar Sharma ; your Secretary ( Bar Association Dehradun ) for the year 2018-19 . I have lot of people who have invested in my thoughts , my vision , my ideals ..and now it’s my turn to live up to their expectations . Friends ..I am here not only as a lawyer to advice or prescribe solutions to your problems but I am your friend , your trust , your communication channel . I promise I shall always value the most confidentional relationship with all those of you ,who have made me what I am today .. I am thanking you for you were always my arms ..for always being my side ..My legs for always supporting me and my Fingers because I can always count on them .

Aims and Objectives

  • To consider matter relating to the legal profession.
  • To promote high profession of one among the members of the profession.
  • To maintain and promote harmonious relating between the bench and the bar.
  • To repress unprofessional practices.
  • To render the assistance to members in cases of necessity.
  • To safeguard the civil liberties, fundamental and other rights of the citizens in general and of the legal profession in particular.
  • To arrange rendering legal assistance to persons, flot able to do themselves by giving them legal assistance by constituting legal and societies and otherwise.
  • To provide and maintain a common room, consultation room, a library, reading room and other amenities for the use and benefits of the members of the Association.
  • To associate itself with any work of humanitarian character or public benefit it considered desirable.
  • To promote generally the welfare of the Bar.
  • To discuss, express, represent and push its view on current topics of general welfare and public interest.
  • To seek affiliation with the Bar councils and other like codices.

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